Election Action – 2024

Election Action

On 4th July 2024, the people of the UK will head to the polls and vote on a new government. Over the coming weeks, candidates will engage in debate, issue statements and lay out their views on the key issues that face the country in a bid to win your vote. This presents a rare opportunity to engage politicians in the issue of Scientology abuse.

Regardless of who you plan to vote for, please consider writing to all the candidates standing in your area to ask how they plan to tackle the issue of abuse in Scientology.. For those of you who need a little inspiration, here’s a template letter you are free to use.


Dear [NAME],

In September 2023, the Charity Commission reaffirmed its ruling that the Church of Scientology does not benefit the public and issued a statement confirming they are no longer able to appeal their 1999 rejection for charity status.

Earlier this year, former shadow home secretary Diane Abbott wrote to HMRC requesting an investigation into Scientology’s finances, citing their “history of fraudulent activity internationally” and noted the number of horrific stories former members have told of harassment, human trafficking, modern slavery and hard manual labour.

After being placed under secret surveillance, the government issued a report in 1975 describing Scientology as “mafia-like”, acknowledging the “barbaric punishments” its forces upon its staff and concluded “The Church of Scientology does not merely persuade people to part with their money. It is a harmful movement with an evil reputation.“

Despite this, and dozens of former members sharing their stories publicly, Scientology buildings were recognised as “places of public worship” by a Valuations Tribunal in 2023 and continue to operate through shell companies and dozens of buildings across the country, including its headquarters near East Grinstead.

Abuse is happening at every level of the Scientology organisation, but survivors and victims have found it difficult to seek justice against their multi-billion dollar legal fund.. As a candidate standing in my constituency, I would like to know what your plans are to address these very worrying concerns should you be successful in the general election next month?

Kind regards